Cindy and Candy tweaked this hamantashen recipe until it turned out just as they and their kids like best. The dough is buttery and soft, and the filling is made of cream cheese and cocoa powder. Your family will love these Chocolate-Filled Hamantashen th ...

My kids like chocolate-filled Hamentachen best. Robin Zusmann of Atlanta, Georgia contributed this Hamentachen recipe which includes homemade chocolate fillings for the traditional Purim pastry.

This Purim Hamantashen is easy-to-make and, according to the clients of "Catering by Paula Weinstein", delicious.

This recipe for Purim Hamantashen comes from the recipe box of Tamar Weber's grandmother. If it lasted three generations and made the trip from America to Israel, then it must be good!

This is a simple Hamantashen recipe which you can make with your children. Baking holiday treats with your kids is a great way to create special holiday memories which they will carry on with them.